Welcome to the BLAST Project!

We understand that Vocational Education and Training (VET) offers incredible opportunities for students, but sometimes struggles to get the recognition it deserves. That's where BLAST comes in.

Our mission is to help VET schools shine on social media! We believe that a strong online presence can change the way students and parents think about vocational education. With the right tools and strategies, VET schools can reach a wider audience and showcase the exciting possibilities that this path offers.

To make this happen, we are co-designing comprehensive guidelines and video tutorials designed to empower VET schools with the best social media practices. These resources will help you create professional, engaging content that will attract potential students and help spread the word about the value of VET.

We're an international team of experts from Bulgaria, Italy, and Belgium, passionate about supporting those at the heart of VET schools – the principals, headmasters, and teachers who work tirelessly to give students the best experience.  We're sharing knowledge and creating resources that make social media management easier and more effective.

Ready to transform the image of VET? We're excited to have you here!